Psychic Vampires and Satanic Psychology

Satanic Magus Aleister Nacht

For several years, I have provided spiritual and personal guidance for those who have simply asked for my advice. I am not an ordained Satanic Priest however, I have been recognized as knowledgeable in the area of the Satanic as an author, speaker and Maguswithin our affiliated covens.

I always respect the wishes of the person confiding in me and use discretion at all times. I do have some interesting conversations with those seeking enlightenment and I find that usually, their issues are not as bad as they have allowed their imagination to create. There are some cases however, that are serious and in fact, dangerous.

One common denominator resurfaces time and again: the Psychic Vampire. When delving into the person’s feelings and problems, it often becomes apparent that someone (perhaps more that one person) have been taking advantage of the victim. These Psychic Vampire

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“A Sky Without Eagles: Selected Essays and Speeches” by Jack Donovan

Heathen Harvest


When we admire a man we say we “look up to him.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that he is taller than us. Perhaps the phrase is rooted in the idea of a child looking up to an adult mentor, but in everyday usage, we say we look up to a man because he has ascended to a higher level in some capacity that we wish to emulate. This sense of “looking up” is how we should interpret the meaning of Jack Donovan’s new book, A Sky WithoutEagles: Selected Essays and Speeches, 2010-2014. The eagle has long been a symbol of greatness in the eyes of men and so we feel a sense of tragedy in the title. In a sky without eagles we have nothing to look up to and nothing to inspire us. Is this the world we now live in? Each chapter in the book touches on this question in some way as it relates to…

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn on America and the West

Thoughts En Route

Wow. My thanks to MK for passing along to me a link to a speech given by famous Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn on June 8, 1978, to graduates at Harvard. His recent death (last Sunday) has placed his name in the headlines once again, but his insightful comments and harsh “tough love” warnings about the direction the West is heading should be considered required reading by those who care about the state of civilization.

Here is a link to the text of the speech, which includes options to listen to the speech (a downloadable MP3 file, and two different embedded audio players) and PDF and Flash documents of the text for downloading:

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: A World Split Apart

It would be almost impossible to pick a favorite quote out of such a long, significant, well-crafted speech. But here are two that caught my eye…

“I have spent all my life…

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A Prayer

Satanic blessings, brethren, who
accompany me along this path, 
less traveled; illumined 
by His tenebrous light. 

From chaos born, 
our Prince of Air; 
beware, His might, and so align 
our Will with His,
embraced, at last, upon this night, 
His world now our dominion. 

Maligned, mine enemies, quite contrite,
shall reap what they’ve sown; damned sheep–
Sweet slaughter awaits them so, 
in a great heap thrown. 
To my delight, the shepherd, at last, 
has lost all. Listen! 
They bleat no more.Image



Sneaking in and out of people’s lives wreaking havoc all along the way.